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Black Oak Resort - Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas

A new way to explore Arkansas

Black Oak Resort
Make memories to last a lifetime

Black Oak Resort goes the extra mile to ensure your stay is everything you dreamed it would be. Enjoy over six acres of natural woodland beauty overlooking the crystal clear waters of Bull Shoals Lake.

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From cozy cabins with fiberoptic internet to stunning views of Bull Shoals Lake, we ensure our visitors have a wonderful experience.

cabins near bull shoals arkansas<br/>

We started coming to Black Oak Resort in 1992 with our two daughters. We are still coming but the family has grown to 13! Quality family time!

Black Oak Pic 12.jpeg

I like catching more fish than my little brother, but he always gets lucky and gets the biggest fish

Jacob MacKay
Black Oak Pic 8.jpeg

Looks like I caught the biggest fist again.

Emily Kuchta
fishing vacation<br/>

I love the different species in the lake. This lake has more smallmouth than any southern lake I know and I continue to catch great fish like this bad boy here!

Mike Kuchta

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